ADOBE DataVault™ with LiveProtect.
Backup any data, any time, to any destination

Our DataVault gives you the flexibility and power to create a backup service that will meet your needs. Backup your files daily to 6 global datacenters. Backup your entire computer to a USB drive nightly or backup your documents to your iPod each hour. Engage LiveProtect™ to have the DataVault watch your files and provide continuous real-time data protection. You save it, we back it up offsite invisibly and automatically, keeping an unlimited version history that lets you roll-back to any point in time.

Product Overview

  • Anytime Internet File Access
    •       ■ Files can even be shared over email
  • Backup Unlimited Number of Systems
  • Infinite Versioning
    •       ■ Every version of every file is backed up and available
    •       ■ You choose what gets backed up, and when it gets backed up
  • Infinite Archiving
    •       ■ Even files deleted locally can be restored from a backup
  • Delta Backup
    •       ■ Backups quick due to only changed data being backed up
  • Independent Online and Local Backup
  • Secure 1024bit encryption of your data

Price starts at $90 annually.
To get started, download our vulnerability scanner by clicking here.
It will tell you what needs backing up, and how much space it will take up.

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Adobe DataVault

Adobe's new comprehensive data backup solution.

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